Due to the small spaces associated with basements, they are often misused as a dumping ground for holiday decorations, photos and even items that are less useful. Hence, they are known to be always cluttered rather than being a space that could actually be useful. With a little organization and improvements, your basement space can be maximized to become more than just a storage space. Here are a few tips you could use to turn your basement into a spacious living area suitable for hanging out.

Light exposure: Make the most of natural light to create a feeling of living space in your basement. Although electrical lighting points can be useful, nothing beats the magic created by having natural broad daylight enter your basement.

Use the Vertical Space: Since the floor space is limited, think of utilizing wall space in your basement, create storage units with pegboards, shelves, etc. to hold just about anything.

Utilize all the small spaces: Unique in the nature of spaces they provide, basements could have a lot of nooks or crannies due to the floorplan of the property. To make the most out of the spaces provided, use every space as a storage unit by adding shelving units that will fit into those small spaces to accommodate your storage.

Cut down on the couch: Why put it out if you don’t need it? Furniture can be your worst enemy when it comes to space consumption. Keep the use of couch minimal by removing the ones you rarely use.

Install mirrors to create the optical illusion of a large space as well as brighten up your basement. If you have only one source of natural light, place the mirror in such a way that it can reflect the light rays to give more light to the basement.

Implementing the ideas mentioned above is a sure way to get the best out of your basement. If you need more help to get this done as well as create storage units or other improvements to create a living space out of your basement, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to craft you that basement you desire.

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